Desperate Plastic

"Robot Chicken meets Dynasty... in this satirical sitcom based on favorite iconic soaps like Falcon Crest, Melrose Place and Desperate Housewives."  - Eric Caban, Watermark Magazine

A Big THANKS! to all of our friends in Wilton Manors for making our Desperate Plastic Art Show such a success!  We were able to Shrink visitors to Barbie's size and put them into the Caratsworthington's Study and The Regal Bengal Night Club.  Check out the NEW Episode of Desperate Plastic we premiered at Matty's Wilton Park !

They're not from Dallas... ...but they do have a Dynasty! -an Error N. Spelling Production starring Rebecca McCauley, Catharine Scott, Gary Cadwallader, Peter Young, Lisa Lasky and Elizabeth Murff   - more on Actors page

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