Desperate Plastic

Alotta Caratsworthington

Matriarch of the Caratsworthington dynasty, Alotta is determined to return her late husband's company to her half-adopted step daughter, Chanel.  She can be a force to reckon with.

Chanel Caratsworthington

Heiress of her half step-father's company, Chanel was lured into marriage by Blaine in his attempt to gain control of the family empire.  Now separated, she battles for the very company that Blaine's own brother, Wentforthington, never wanted him to have - That is, when she's not with her stallion.

Blaine Caratsworthington

Playboy Blaine enjoys the high-flying life-style afforded by his being CEO of the world's largest Important International Business Company.  His brother's dying wishes were to keep him as far as possible from the company.  But as Blaine says, "Where there's a Will, there's a Way (around it)."

Hunter Caratsworthington

Also known as Hunter House, Realtor, Chanel's son Hunter struggles for creative expression outside the Caratsworthington empire.  Little does he know that his stake in the family fortune could cost him more than just his reputation.

Half Caratsworthington

Cool and calm, you won't see Blaine's half-son break a sweat.  He enjoys the perks of his father's fortune without any back-talk.  As a matter of fact, no one has realized that he hasn't spoken a word since childhood.

Betty Z'Bottom

Agent Detective and Auto-Repair Technician Betty Z'Bottom used his undercover disguises, initially, to get closer to the Caratsworthingtons.  Still in women's clothing, it appears that he may have more to solve than just his case load.

Aubergine Von Sterlington Worthmorethantrump

Former love interest of the late Wentforthington, and Alotta's long-time arch-enemy, Aubergine is ready for confrontation.  Not as agile as they once were, however, these two confine their brawls to verbal mud-slinging.

Veronica Verona

Still mourning the loss of her mother who died under mysterious circumstances, Veronica is being courted by Blaine.  Veronica seems to get things her way, all amidst the high-fashion world of first-year Forensics. 

Cliff Diverson

Former Special Op's, Cliff shares his expertise as both a personal trainer and a pilot with the Caratsworthingtons.  Behind his muscled exterior he hides knowledge of his mysterious lover and a secret that could shock everyone.

Torrent, Tennis Instructor, Massage Therapist

Cousin to Cliff Diverson, this Aussie's charm makes him popular with the ladies of the Tennis Club.  It seems everyone could use a lesson or two from him!

Jill T'Mee

As Blaine's Personal Assistant, Jill keeps Blaine's affairs in order.  Which is hard to do considering he is having so many of them.  Including with her!

Grunter (Caratsworthington)

Boyfriend of country-crooner Delta Biddy, Grunter has had his share of jobs in the past, including Baggage Handler for Cruisy Cruise Lines.  But finding out he's a Caratsworthington might just make for his biggest job yet!

Gunter Juvey (Caratsworthington)

Gunter has had his run-ins with the law before, but posing as his missing brother is a new endeavor for him that he just doesn't quite understand.

Doctor Riverstern

It's lucky for this family, that the Doctor makes house calls.  But wait, it may come at a cost higher than just a service call.  Sometimes it takes a doctor to dig into your darkest recesses and expose your hidden irregularities.

Nurse Dixi E. Cup

She's been at Caratsworthington General for years, and at Dr. Riverstern's side all the way.  But behind Dixi's calm exterior lies a host of Caratsworthington family secrets that could shock even a nurse.

Shanida Alibi

Undercover operative/performer and fashion consultant to Betty Z'Bottom, Shanida Alibi doesn't let much slip past her keen sense of observation.

Belta Diddy

Named by her parents after she began belting out "Diddys" at age one.  After her unique tap-dance rendition of Amazing Grace at church, her style of Jazz was born. 

Delta Biddy

Delta lives at the Grand El Grande Estates with her boyfriend Grunter.  She collects newspapers and cats and might just surprise the world with her country-singing skills.

Tripp Spinet

Master keyboardist and stenographer, Tripp opts to perform for the glamour-clad scene of Miami's own "Regal Bengal" after leaving his lucrative cruise-ship-entertainment career behind.

Pierce Jugular

Pierce has been creeping around the Caratsworthington Estate since it was built.  He knows all of the secrets and the secret passages.  Look out around dinner-time, though. You never know who he's going to ask out for a bite!

Galliano Courvoisier

Suave, well-known Miami lady-charmer,  there's rumor that more bubbly flows from his Champagne fountain at home than at The Regal Bengal.

Judge Anne Jury

Sitting behind the Bench has been good for Judge Jury.  But sitting behind the camera is what she craves!  When the turmoils of the Caratsworthingtons came to her circuit, she seized her opportunity.

Debbie Zishun, Attorney at Law

Debbie is just happy to have passed the bar exam.  Little did she know her first case would be a trial against the Caratsworthingtons!

Phil A. Buster, Attorney at Law

Long-time Attorney for the Caratsworthington Family and the family corporation, Phil has seen some courtroom action.  His down-home country-style approach can sway any jury, if they don't fall asleep first.

Chester Drawers

Owner of The Grand El Grande Estates, Chester keeps a keen watch on his residents.  Little did he know, one of them might just be a Caratsworthington!

Pat Spaycat, Game Show Host

Famous Game Show Host and Gadabout, Pat Spaycat has been adding his glittery charm as host of "Who's the Loser?" for over ten years.  But wait, he couldn't have guessed that door number two held a Network Cancelation Notice!

Shelly, Aquatic Mammal

Yes, they do exist!  Or do they?  You'll have to decide for yourself.  She's all-too-ready to give information to anyone listening!