Desperate Plastic

For Magnate Blaine Caratsworthington it's business as usual being a high-powered CEO. But when his love triangle gets all twisted up, only a hot shower with his trainer and a surprise trip overseas can set things right.

What goes up must come down, and that can spell disaster.  Things could get worse - The Maitre'D doesn't recognize Alotta! Her clandestine meeting with the cross-dressing detective is almost overshadowed by the lounge performers at the Regal Bengal.

Alotta and Betty's plan unfolds to insure Chanel's take-over of the Caratsworthington family business.  Suspicion abounds as Hunter mysteriously returns, or does he?  Meanwhile things are heating up in paradise - thanks to a missing steamer trunk!

It's finally here.  Time for the important CEO Election.  Not only is it one of the most glamorous occasions of the social season, it is also a plot to take over the company.  But look out!  With Jill at Blaine's side, and an impostor at the table, things could go a little haywire!

Will Blaine or Chanel get the company?  Find out! But, not before Alotta takes us on a trip down memory lane and Natasha's suspicious death arises.  Hang on to your seats! With this being the season finale, there's bound to be a cliff hanger!

It's touch-and-go for Blaine and Stacy as they take a hot-tub limo ride in Miami.  On the island, Cliff decides to make some home improvements (much to Hunter's chagrin) which lead to a visit from a seaside stranger!


Nurse Dixi E. Cup and Jill Tmee meet at the Regal Bengal to discuss their bosses when secret information gets leaked to Agent Betty Z'Bottom.  He (she) and Alotta are hatching yet another plan to return the family business to Chanel.  

Agent Z'Bottom waits with big news at the Regal Bengal where Alotta runs into her long-time rival Aubergine  Worthmorethantrump.  When Natasha's alleged killer walks in, a chase ensues and soon everyone is on the run.

When Veronica receives evidence in Natasha's murder, Blaine decides to sweep her away by inviting her to dinner in a different country.  Meanwhile, a grand jury hearing is beginning for Natasha's alleged killer.

Veronica and Blaine are off to Barbados.  Or are they?  A confused pilot and strange lights in the sky make for a bumpy ride. Meanwhile, things are getting a little crowded on the island for Cliff and Hunter.

Blaine and Veronica explore the deserted island on which their helicopter has crashed - while Hunter and Cliff, being stranded on the same island, go on a hunt for the crash site in hopes of being rescued.  Will the aliens return after causing the helicopter crash in the first place? And, after the tragedy of a martini-shaker mishap, will Blaine settle for domestic beer? 

Blaine's Pilot manages to get the helicopter started and despite some confusion over the destination, soon he and Veronica are headed - somewhere.  When Blaine gets an unexpected call from Aubergine with an offer he can't refuse, everything starts getting a little rocky.  Hold on tight!  It's beginning to look like a disaster movie.